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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the credential required by academia and business, recognized globally as the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their knowledge, skills and abilities relating to the Microsoft Office applications.

  • In academia, MOS promotes success in the classroom for students (and instructors), builds individual distinction, and prepares students for an increasingly competitive workforce
  • For business, MOS maximizes office productivity and efficiency for the organization and increases job satisfaction and heightens career achievement among employees
  • In workforce development, MOS prepares and places job candidates, ensuring they possess the skills employers require


The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate is trying to create their lessons and take one step closer to their dreams of success, with hundreds of thousands of applicants every year, and for both students, and candidates who want to improve their workforce.  Hirmizy Group also offers the opportunity to catalyze exam successes for every student participating in exams with MOS certification.


MOS is the world’s most recognized information worker certification program that accounts for the delivery of over one million certification exams annually.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.

The Microsoft Office Specialist certifications that are available are Word Associate, Excel Associate, PowerPoint Associate, Outlook Associate, SharePoint Associate, OneNote Associate, Access Expert, Word Expert & Excel Expert.


When looking at the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) series in general terms, the "Specialist, Expert and Master" series are seen. However, the important point here is to ensure that these students reach as highest degrees as possible. The most important reason for this is that the market swallows the weak link instantly and always carries the strongest link on hand. Hirmizy Group is a company that tries for you to be the best by providing serious efforts. Accordingly, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam series are categorized as follows;

  • Specialist,
  • Expert, and
  • Master,

 MOS Specialist Series

Microsoft Office Specialist CORE certification is the exams for people who want to check the skills in the Microsoft Office suite package and who want to improve themselves in that area. MOS CORE certificate exams are available in the following Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project and SharePoint.

The exams given below are MOS exams and participants can take the exams by choosing one of the exams they want:

• Word

• Excel

• PowerPoint

• Access

• Outlook

• Project

• SharePoint

MOS Expert Series

The Microsoft Office Specialist Expert certificate shows whether an individual's advanced skills are valid in certain Microsoft Office applications or not. Individuals are required to pass either the Word Expert Exam or an Excel Expert Exam to gain an Expert ID. The exams that people can take to get the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert certificate are as follows;

  • Word Expert,
  • Excel Expert,

MOS Master Series

For those who want to be the best, we have transformed the certification exam from one large project to multiple and small projects, making the latest Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) a much more powerful tool for assessing student skills. The improvements, that are taken place to allow students and teachers to practice certain skills through every small projects, enable students to focus on their work and improve their learning process. The MOS Master series also allows exams to test skills more thoroughly and deeply. As being more than just a certificate, Specialist Master's program shows individuals’ deep expertise and mastery in Microsoft Office programs. To get these distinguished skills, you have to pass four exams: Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, and Outlook or Access.  

As Microsoft Office Master, you will able to:

• Build credibility with proof of your skills

• Keep yourself separate as a desktop computing expert

• Distinguish yourself from your peers

• Have a professional recognition accepted worldwide

• Prove your programming efficiency in the workplace

 You have three compulsory and one elective exam;


• Word Expert

• Excel® Expert

• PowerPoint®

Electives Exams:

• Outlook®, or

• Access®, or

• SharePoint®, or

• Project

You can be at least ten steps ahead of your competitors through passing compulsory exams and one of the elective exams.


Four more exams are required to be taken to be able to MOS master. These;

Aerodynamic Exams:

  • Required: MOS 2016 Vocabulary Specialist
  • Required: MOS 2016 Excel Specialist
  • Required: MOS 2016 PowerPoint
  • Elective: MOS 2016 Access OR MOS 2016 Outlook

Efficient Exams

  • MOS 2016 Vocabulary Specialist: Only one exam
  • MOS 2016 Excel Specialist: only one exam

Features of Exams

  • High expertise
  • Worldwide recognition

At the same time, people, who want to acquire the MOS certificate, can automatically receive MOS certificates without registration, application and additional fees.


As Hirmizy Group, to improve the exams, we included all feedback from experts and teachers to develop and evaluate certification exams and to make them more powerful tools for students' preparation. At the end of all our work, we provide;

  • Revised instructions with a deeper understanding of program functionality to avoid command function names
  • More objective areas included in different exam forms
  • The real-world context for exam content
  • Performance-based format for enhanced talent testing,

We use all our efforts to improve and make people more equipped. You can contact us if you want to get more detailed information about our exams, and all the other things you want to ask and to get help from our experts working in this field.