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HIRMIZY GROUP, as being founded by one of the important business people, Mustafa Hürmüzlü, in Turkey, is one of the consultancy companies that has been in the education sector for almost twelve years and has been offering successfully the experience gained in this field to its customers. Our company, which always emphasizes its quality in its works, always tries to do the best with the references it has gained from its customers. With the branches located not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East and Turkic Republics, it has been ensuring that students are settling in the most successful and prestigious universities in Turkey. Being a kind of family for foreign students in Turkey, Hirmizy Group supports all the students to continue on their education successfully.

The consultancy services we offer to our students is helping them to receive the highest qualified education in line with their abilities. Every student under our company is also a member of the Hirmizy Group family. Our company has been providing students, whose numbers have reached to around five thousand, quality education by placing them in line with their objectives in the best-qualified universities of Turkey. Our company also undertakes the organization of Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) of the universities that make a partnership agreement with it. In this way, it enables thousands of students to settle in universities with the YÖS exam.

Foreign Student Exam (YOS)

Foreign Student Exam ‘in Turkish? Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı (YÖS)’ is an exam that foreign students should take in order to enroll in Turkish universities. The exam is made by the Turkish universities and each university has its own exam base score. Generally, 80 questions are asked in the YOS exam. 45 of these questions are in General Ability (IQ), 30 are Mathematics and 5 are in Geometry.

Our company is aims to provide counseling services reagarding YOS exam to students who desire to get education in Turkey. Among those services, university application procedures, department preferences and enrollment consultancy are all carried out by HG for every student.

Hirmisy Group Consultancy Regarding Undergraduate Education

For the students, who would like to take their undergraduate education in Turkey, we place them in the most prestigious universities that we have bilateral agreements. Although the education standards of universities are tried to be increased in our country, the goal of many students is to be able to study abroad. Every year, thousands of students are attempting to study abroad due to reasons like easy access to information, improved communication, increased competition at the university exams, being able to study in a department where the student is willing to study, increased costs of private universities so much so that it has been competing with the universities abroad, and finding a job easier if graduated from a university abroad.

Hirmisy Group Consultancy Regarding Master and Ph.D. Education

We are able to bring hundreds of students each semester for Science and Technology, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences for the universities that we have a bilateral agreement in Turkey.  Studying at a university abroad remains to be a dream of many young people. Every day with increasing momentum, thousands of students are looking for various universities to study abroad. As Hirmizy Group, we are placing students in the most suitable universities and departments. Anyone, who wants to get information about the university agreements, university departments of our company, and all the necessary support, can reach us through the online communication channels on our website.

To apply for education in Turkey, you can download and fill the relevant application form from the link below and send us:

Student Information Form for Application for Pre-Acceptance Letter