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Our Certiport® Turkey Social Media Accounts

Our Certiport® Turkey Social Media Accounts

Being as Pearson VUE Business Certiport® Turkey partner and its solution provider in Turkey, you can follow our institution's social media accounts:

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/certiport.turkiye/

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/certiport.turkey/

- Twitter (X): https://twitter.com/CertiportTurkey


Below is a summary of certification exam products provided by Certiport®, a business of Pearson VUE business:

- Microsoft® Office Specialist (MOS)

- Microsoft® Certified Educator (MCE)

- Microsoft® Certified Fundamentals (MCF)

- Autodesk® Certified User (ACU)

- Adobe® Certified Professional (ACP)

- Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) Digital Literacy

- Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST)

- Information Technology (IT) Specialist Certification

- Apple App Development with Swift Certification

- Intuit® Certification - Unity Certified User (UCU)

- Communication Skills for Business (CSB) Certification

- Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Certification

- PMI Project Management Ready™ Certification


For detailed information, you can visit our SERVICE PAGE.


For more information and application, you can contact us via the following contact methods:

email [email protected]

GSM: +905077086769


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