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TDS® (Turkish Language Exam)




Turkish Language Exam (in Turkish: Türkçe Dil Sınavı, acronymized as TDS®), is an internet-based online exam system made in a computerized environment that measures the four language skills in the same exam session, determines levels of individuals learning Turkish as a foreign language, allows them to enter level exams and finally provides the opportunity to certify their Turkish proficiency.

The first and only online Turkish language test of Turkey and Turkish language, TDS® is a professional online test system developed by HG Academy for Education utilizing its enormous academic infrastructure and expert academicians of the field. Oriented to satisfy its users in every sense, this system can be easily used by anyone willing to measure his Turkish language skills. Meeting all criteria to measure all four language skills at the same session, TDS® provides a reliable testing opportunity for the users to overcome the lack of online internet-based and computerized Turkish language test in Turkey.

In the recent years, a large number of studies have been conducted in the field of teaching and training of Turkish with the increasing demand of Turkish as a foreign language. In parallel with this, by the creation of the online TDS® exam system, HG Acdemy aims to add quality to Turkish teaching by making measurement and evaluation processes systematic and standard in teaching Turkish as a foreign language.

This exam system is one of the national projects of Turkey and thanks to its high-standards; it is currently being availed of by several universities and Turkish language education institutions. Hence, it has a profile that makes our country proud.


Being the leader in its field, TDS® is the end-product of efforts that utilized an academic infrastructure to build national software that would allow an online tool for quantification and assessment of teaching Turkish as a foreign language. The questions in the TDS® system have been prepared by selected question writer team who passed successfully the assessment and evaluation training provided by HIRMIZY GROUP, and who are expert in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language in which they have professional work background in many universities that were pioneers of assessment and evaluation in teaching Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey.

The Curriculum of Online Teaching of Turkish as a Foreign Language in Turkey requires adaptation to the assessment-evaluation process since it is related to the teaching process. Based on this need, HIRMIZY GROUP has prepared the TDS® Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines Manual in line with the aforementioned programs, based on the Program for Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language of Turkish Ministry of National Education (MEB) and making use of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Thanks to this Guidelines Manual, every question writer in our team can prepare the same high quality and different questions within the same standards. To keep the quality standard of the questions always at the highest, a comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) study was conducted to achieve that goal. The exams prepared by the TDS® expert team are submitted to the arbitration of academicians specialized in field of Turkish education, measurement and evaluation. Questions that are found appropriate by the arbitrator evaluation will also have to pass the approval of the editor in order to be considered and included in the examination system.


  • It is an internet-based exam. It is held in computerized environment.
  • Thanks to its comprehensive question-pool, the system allows the use of different questions in each exam session, hence ensuring maximum question and test security. In addition, new questions/tests are constantly added to the question pool of the system.
  • Test questions are prepared by the defined team, supervised by experienced referees and then approved by an editor before being added to the question pool.
  • In the exams, both automatic and human-based scoring is used in evaluating the exams. The reading and listening sections are automatically evaluated by the system. Manual evaluation is employed for evaluating writing and speaking sections. Answers given by each test participant are evaluated by two different persons at the relevant test center. Evaluators who manually evaluate the answers are not able to see who the answers belong to. The system automatically calculates the mean of the two evaluators. Validity and reliability is kept at a high level in evaluation process.
  • Everything in TDS® is systematic. Quantities, grades and assessment criteria of questions have been standardized.
  • Four language skills can be easily assessed within a single session.


TDS® test system includes four different types of tests:

  • Certification Exam
  • Placement Test
  • Level Completion Exams
  • Practice (Mock) Exams


It is a Turkish proficiency exam that is requested by universities for the purpose of studying. There are 3 different certification exams at B1, B2 and C1 levels. The student applies for the degree he/she wants to get a certificate and takes the relevant exam.

*The content of the exam consists of 25 reading, 10 listening questions, 2 writing and 2 speaking tasks.

*Grammar skill is measured within other skill sections.



This exam, which allows students to measure their level in learning turkish, progresses with a stepped measurement system that includes questions from basic level to advanced level. After the students takes this exam, the level at which they should start their Turkish education is determined.



These are the exams applied to the students at the end of each language level during their Turkish learning course. It has been prepared for a total of five levels.



The purpose of this exam is making the students familiar with TDS® exam system before entering their certification exam.



Our online TDS® system that is developed with a professional academic infrastructure prioritizes the application security of the exam:

  • Due to the large question pool of the system, each exam has different questions, so each student encounters different questions than the other. In addition, the system's question pool is constantly updated.
  • A unique single-use exam code is provided for the exam candidate.
  • The identity of the exam candidate is checked before the exam, and 360 ​​degree view of exam environment is also checked. Private exam session is ensured for the exam candidate. The use of all personal belongings, materials and unacceptable equipment and items is prohibited. The candidate does not need to take regular notes on paper and use a pencil.
  • The view and voice of exam candidate is monitored by proctor during the exam session. The exam candidate's entire exam session is recorded. The candidate is photographed before and during the exam and his/her photograph is shared with the relevant institutions when requested.
  • Since the beginning of exam, only exam interface is displayed and the browser is prevented from opening other web pages.
  • Exam evaluation is done by different instructors and the information of the exam candidates is kept confidential.
  • The average of the exam scoring is calculated automatically by the system and its validity is kept high.
  • All question numbers, question points, and evaluation criteria of the system are kept standardized.
  • The authenticity of both the evaluation report and the certificate of the test result can be verified using the security number on the document on TDS® website.


Regardless of the test type to be sat by the exam candidate, the conditions and method for enrolment are the same. First, access the portal via the link below, then, the registration process is completed by clicking the “Create a new account” button. The documents to be uploaded to the system must be in the appropriate format and resolution.


Once the registration is completed, the exam candidate can apply for the exam to the e-mail “[email protected]”. Application must be completed at least a day before the date of the relevant test. Dates and venues of Certification Examss are announced on our web site and social media accounts.

For more information, please visit our websites ‘www.onlinetds.org’ and ‘www.turkcedilsinavi.com’.

TDS® is the THE ONLY ADDRESS For VALID AND TRUSTED Online Turkish Certification Exams.