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As HG ACADEMY, our courses are one of the most important services that we offer our students to achieve their goals. Especially, the Turkish language courses that we offer for you in our language school have a specially designed system for those who want to achieve their academic goals. Learning languages ​​has become compulsory and a necessity in many parts of the world especially for those who are planning an outstanding career. In HG ACADEMY, you can reach your career and language goals through the language practices you receive from us by feeling the comfort at your home. Along with using appropriate teaching techniques and methods, our institution is providing a full grasp of the Turkish language in a short time by adopting different learning techniques. Located at the capital of Turkey, in Ankara, our institution is aimed at maximum efficiency received by our students through the language practice classes equipped with all the necessary materials. Our education system, which makes it easier for students to learn a language by using their auditory and visual memories, allows them to complete their language education with courses in line with their proficiency levels. In our practices provided in HG ACADEMY, it is primarily decided which practice program our students need. After detecting at which level the students are, appropriate course selections are made for the appropriate levels. Our institution also offers its students one-on-one or individual practice opportunities. Through these services, our students enjoy the quality of education by choosing the most appropriate education for them. At the same time, our expert and experienced counselors help them in their language adventure by creating a road map for each student. The language practices shaped by a specialist’s guidance will be their best assistants until the end of the courses.


It is very easy to learn Turkish with the privilege of HG ACADEMYHG ACADEMY, located in Kızılay central district of Province Ankara, is waiting for those who want to learn a high-class language to join their family. HG ACADEMY, as being one of the leading language courses that stand out in this field with its qualified education and experienced teachers for its students who want to learn the Turkish language in the best possible way, continues to provide its students four basic skills as being listening, reading, speaking and writing. HG ACADEMY will continue to be the number one choice of those who want to learn the language with the feedbacks received from its students. We invite everyone who wants to get detailed information about our language courses and to enjoy the advantageous services offered by HG ACADEMY. You can find answers to your questions and join the language course that suits you best by meeting with our expert team.


HG ACADEMY Turkish language course consists of programs prepared by our expert teachers and adjusted with students' levels. Our teachers, evaluate the students at different levels and adjust courses according to their levels, also continue to support them throughout their language education. We can list the course programs in the HG ACADEMY as follows;

  • Turkish language courses within our institution consist of A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.
  • Every level lasts six weeks.
  • Sixteen hours of intensive Turkish language education per week is provided.
  • The total course duration in hours including five levels is ninety-six hours.

The program of the Turkish language course given by our institution is given above. You can contact us to get more information about our courses.


The Turkish language course programs within the HG ACADEMY are designed specifically for our students who want to learn Turkish most easily. Our course programs and language course services prepared by our expert teachers are given as follows;

  • Turkish Language Course (in classes face-face-to-face),
  • Turkish Language Course (online),
  • Turkish Language Course for Children,
  • Turkish Speaking Course,
  • Academic Turkish Language Course,

Our courses given above are presented to you with the difference in HG ACADEMY. You can choose the language you want among our most suitable Turkish language courses and enjoy the language learning with HG ACADEMY difference.


Online Turkish Language Course is one of the most important services that HG ACADEMY provides to its students. Our institution has a special online language learning system for students who want to take their Turkish language education remotely. Our institution, which enables its students to experience the HG ACADEMY privileges at their homes with this system, allows many students to learn Turkish with their experienced teachers. As courses are available for all levels, the system helps students with accessing Turkish language education suitable for all levels via computer.


Speaking courses are one of the important courses that HG ACADEMY offers only for those who want to take a speech course. People, who want to speak Turkish more comfortably in the daily life and want to gain a good proficiency in this field, attend to our speaking courses in small groups, accompanied by instructors who are experts in their field. Our students, who have gained daily speaking practice in our course by applying different learning methods, can adapt to the language more comfortably.


HG ACADEMY facilitates the adaptation of children to language and gives them the ability to use Turkish successfully with the Turkish language course programs that they have prepared specifically for children. Language has a feature that can be learned easily at a young age and is not easily forgotten when they learn. Through the special classes in our institution, children will be able to learn Turkish easily and have fun with various activities while learning. The features of our Turkish language course that we offer for children as HG ACADEMY are as follows;

  • It aims at both learning and having fun,
  • It helps with fully adopting the language,
  • It has a schedule of ten hours per week,
  • The basic A1 and A2 levels are given in our institution.

The information about Turkish courses provided in our institution for children is given above. You can contact us for more detailed information about the general program of the course and tuition fees.


Turkish language course fees given within the HG ACADEMY vary according to the level of the course and the type of courses students will take. Those who want to get more detailed information about our courses and tuition fees can easily reach us through the contact information provided in our site and can get a detailed information about which course they will take.

Prospective students can register in our courses by registering on the 'Student Application Portal' on our website and make their application, or can download and fill the relevant information form from the link below and send it to us via our communication tools.

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