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HIRMIZY GROUP, which always emphasizes its quality in its works, always tries to do the best with the references it has gained from its customers. With branches and acencies located not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East and Turkic Republics, it has been ensuring that students are settling in the most successful and prestigious universities in Turkey. Being a kind of family for foreign students in Turkey, HIRMIZY GROUP supports all the students to continue on their education successfully.

The consultancy services we offer to our students who choose to study benfitting from the difference of HIRMIZY GROUP help them receive the highest quality education in line with their abilities and talents. Hence each student within its structure is also a member of the HIRMIZY GROUP family. At the same time, our company has placed nearly 6000 students in Turkey's top quality universities so far, ensuring that they receive quality education in line with their goals.



Reading and writing in Turkish and understanding the Turkish language are compulsory for foreign students who aim to study at universities in the Republic of Turkey and especially in Turkish programs. Our institution has a specially designed education system so that students in Turkey or abroad can master the Turkish language before starting their academic life. Our institution uses modern approaches and methods during foreign language education for its students, and also teaches it to its students by adopting Turkish with different learning techniques. We enable our students to master the language in a short time with the different learning techniques we use, both with the face-to-face and the online system.



Foreign Student Exam ‘in Turkish: Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı (YÖS)’ is an exam that foreign students should take in order to enroll in Turkish universities. The exam is made by the Turkish universities and each university has its own exam base score. Generally, 80 questions are asked in the YOS exam. 45 of these questions are in General Ability (IQ), 30 are Mathematics and 5 are in Geometry.

Thanks to its cooperation with universities and institutions, our institution undertakes the organization of the YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) of the relevant universities for students who aim to study in Turkey. In this way, thousands of students are placed in universities throgh YOS exam. In this direction, consultancy services such as university application, department preferences, registration procedures, visa, travel and accommodation are also provided to students by our institution in the most accurate and healthy way.



In line with the cooperation agreements we have made with different universities in Turkey with regard to foreign students who aim to gain their undergraduate education in Turkey, our institution places the students in Turkey's most prestigious universities. We present our experience we have gained in this regard to everyone who chose our institution. For reasons such: facilitating access to information in the globalizing world, improving communication, increasing competition in university exams, ability of students to study not only in the department they are placed in but also in the department they want, the competing costs of private universities with foreign universities, easier way to find a job more and climb the career ladder quickly for students who graduate from a university abroad, liviving abroad and the desire to stay/find a job abroad, thousands of students make attempts to study abroad every year. In this aspect, our institution always provides a high level education to its students by closely following every innovation in the world in the field of education. As HIRMIZY GROUP, we convey to you our experience that we have provided in the field of student placement for years. Thanks to our expert team in our Inetrnational Students Office, students can benf’t from our university application consultancy service so that they can easily enroll in the universities of your dreams.



Due to our wide range cooperation activities with different universities in Turkey, our institution is able to bring hundreds of students to Turkey each academic semester and enroll them in diffirent higher education programs including Science and Technology, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences fields. Studying at a university abroad remains to be a dream of many young people. Every day with increasing momentum, thousands of students are looking for various universities to study abroad. As HIRMIZY GROUP, we are placing students in the most suitable universities and departments.

In order to get information about the universities we have cooperations with and available departments and programs, prospective students can access the relevant information by registering on the 'Student Application Portal' on our website, or reach us through our online communication channels available on our website and get all the necessary support. In addition, interested candidate students who wish to study in Turkey and apply for universities, can download the pre-application form from the link below, fill in the relevant information, and send it to our e-mail address, along with the required documents, in order to apply for a university and study in Turkey.

Student Information Form for Application for Pre-Acceptance Letter